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The Jim Hoge Legacy Fund

It Takes A Journalist like Jim Hoge

Empowering the next generation of news leaders

Throughout his exceptional career, James F. Hoge Jr. has embodied the best of journalism. He was a
venerated leader as editor of the Chicago Sun-Times and publisher of the New York Daily News. In
his 18 years as editor of Foreign Affairs, Jim demonstrated unmatched excellence in fact-based
journalism and offered deep analysis of pressing global issues.

To carry forward Jim’s legacy and his passion for journalistic integrity, we are launching The Jim
Hoge Legacy Fund.
“It is an honor to recognize Jim, one of the most influential editors of our time,”
says Jason Wright, ICFJ Development Chair. The immediate-use Fund will support rising news
leaders at home and abroad, helping the next generation of journalists produce high-quality news and
advance their careers.

The Jim Hoge Legacy Fund will be a pillar of our It Takes a Journalist campaign and its three
strategic initiatives – Serve, Innovate, and Thrive.

ICFJ is working hard to help our colleagues and their news organizations meet the obstacles ahead
and follow in the footsteps of pioneers like Jim Hoge.

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